NOTE: The founders of StructuredWikis LLC moved on. The content on this site is for archival purposes only. Please contact the following companies:

Twiki, Inc. for wiki support, wiki solutions and services
-- Peter Thoeny
Evolved Media for content creation and publishing services
-- Dan Woods
The Penguin and The Python for Linux consulting and Python programming
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Services Offered by Structured Wikis

  • Wiki Checkup - An analysis of how your organization uses wikis and how to gain more value and productivity through the application of best practices.
  • Off-the-Shelf Wikis - Wikis we've created for project management, intranets, creating content, and other challenges.
  • Wiki Consulting - Our deep expertise in applying and deploying wikis to solve problems.
  • Wiki Development - Using the elements of structured wikis to create advanced wiki applications.
  • Wiki Training - Our skills in training groups how to use new or existing wikis to better advantage.
  • Content Creation - Documentation, writing, and other content creation skills to jump start a wiki.
  • Support - Operational support for wikis.

Contact us so we can put wikis to work in your organization.

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