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Panel on Wiki Technology and Future, with Leading Wiki Vendors

Today Wed, 2006-10-25, I will be moderating a panel on Wiki Technology & Trend: Past, Now and Future, organized by the Web SIG. Panelists are from leading wiki vendors:

  • Ben Elowitz, CEO at
  • Jon Silvers, Director of Online Marketing at Atlassian Software Systems
  • Dr. Jonas M Luster, Community Manager at Socialtext
  • Scott Johnston, Vice President of Products at JotSpot

Date & Place:

I expect this to be an informative event. Each panelist gets 5 minutes to introduce their wiki. After that we have a panel discussion, mainly focusing on current state of wikis and its future. It will also be a fun event, the panelists are asked to show up as the Matrix agents, and a Martial Arts team will do a performance.

Presentations of the panelists:

Update 2006-10-26: This was a fun event, check out some images on Flickr. Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang was blogging the event live, and Franco Folini of BAIA (Business association Italy America) has a blog post on the panel.

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