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Dan Woods
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Announcing the Mainstream Wiki Countdown

Listen up Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, and any other purveyor of mass marketing on-line environments. The Wiki Advocate has had enough!

We, meaning I, are sick and tired of the fact that somewhere in the depths of your product development and product marketing departments you all have someone dying to put wikis on your offerings. There is a lonely soul, perhaps a group of them, who has been sending Terry, or Larry, or Ray, or whatever bigshot is in charge reminders that putting wikis on your offerings would be a great idea.

Well where are the wikis? Why have WikiSpaces and the other consumer-oriented offerings beat you to the punch?

The Wiki Advocate does not know the answer to this question. He suspects that it has to do with money, but he is going to use all the powers of his exhaulted office to find out. Right now, spies are in each of the aforementioned organizations are secretly gathering information that will tell the story of why we have had to wait so long for wikis from this major players. If you know about this vital issue, please contact the Wiki Advocate through the email link below.

For my money, the lack of wikis on Google is the most shameful. It would be so easy to do, and so beneficial to all. And, as his widely known among wiki circles, Google itself is a huge user of wikis to run its business. The Goowiki is used to organize the Google's information and make it universally accessible and useful. So what about all of the rest of us? Get on with it!

While this blog post will likely strike fear into the hearts of executives all over Silicon Valley and in Redmond, the Wiki Advocate is not a nice guy. He is going to press his case to the limit. To further pressure these companies into doing the right thing and adding wikis to their offering, the Wiki Advocate is staring the Mainstream Wiki Countdown.

Today, 21 July 2007, is day 1. The world has lived 1 day too long without mainstream wikis.

Each day I will add to this count and report on it in my blog until the embarrassment and shame becomes overwhelming. Yes, it is a cruel tactic, but these are cruel times.


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