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Dan Woods
Dan Woods: The Wiki Advocate


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Evolved Media
Peter's Corner

Wiki Enemies Quake in Fear: The Wiki Advocate has Arrived

When Peter Thoeny and I started StructuredWikis, we knew we had an uphill battle to fight.

Sure, wikis were used by engineers and other knowledge nerds all over the world, but why has it taken so long for wikis to arrive in a more mainstream fashion?

For example, how come had to come along and fill the void for an easy to use consumer wiki? Why are Yahoo! and Google and MSN so asleep at the wheel when it comes to adding wikis to their offerings. And what about SAP and Oracle? Why aren't wikis part of enterprise software products?

Well, the world of wikis is self-organizing and I have self-organized myself into a position as wiki advocate. I will fight to evangalize effective use of wikis and fight against those who just throw wikis at a problem.

My qualifications:

  • I have used wikis for 5 years as a CTO and to run the Evolved Media Network, at which I used wikis to write seven books.
  • Peter and I are writing Wikis for Dummies, which will come out later this year.
  • Peter and I have interviewed over 40 companies and studied how wikis are used successfully. Following Wikis for Dummies, we will write another book for advanced wiki practitioners.
  • I have the passion and sharp mind needed to navigate the treacherous waters of wiki-dom.

So, looking at myself, I decided I was qualified and accepted the job.


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